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We Want Your Story

It's hard when you hear you have cancer, you go through all different types of emotions and one of the worst is fear.

Now there are a lot of people that have got through cancer and came out the other side and you are now a CANCER SURVIVOR...it's amazing the feeling you get when you hear that you are in remission.

Here at Help Us Beat Cancer, we set up this website because we want people to be able to come and get information on the common types of cancer and what you can do to help prevent or decrease the risk of you getting cancer.

If you have cancer we wanted to give information on all the stages of cancer and give you information on types of treatment you can have depending what cancer you have, what questions you should ask your doctor and how your loved ones may react and what they can do.

Also what happens after treatment and where you may be able to get help with finances etc.

There is lots of other information on subjects like statistics and so for and we will be adding more information each week.

Also what we want to do to help those that have been just diagnosed or are going through treatment is to give them hope and inspiration from cancer survivors...we want your story if you are a cancer survivor and let cancer sufferers hear what you went through and how you got through it.

Our aim is to put a story up every week and if you don't want to give your real name then let us know and we will put a false name, but we really want to inspire cancer sufferers and let them know that there is possibly light at the end of the tunnel.

We want them to know that they are not alone and we have set up a Facebook Page where we want people to be able to talk to each other about what they are going through right at this moment in time.

Some people don't like to talk to people face to face about what they are going through, but to have a community where they can go to online and express how they feel can be a great release for them.

So please...if you would like to tell us your story then we would be extremely greatfull.

You can email us your story to:  support@helpusbeatcancer.co.uk

hope for cancer

What we will do, once we get your story and have written it into a blog, before we publish it, you will get to see it and if your not happy with any of it we will of course edit it until you are happy with it.

Let's give hope to other cancer sufferers